Sociologist, Monirul.I. Khan, President of Bangladesh Sociological Association, on SAJSS Inauguration

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Sociologist Monirul I. Khan

Sociologist Monirul I. Khan

Professor Monirul I. Khan, an eminent Bangladeshi Sociologist and President of Bangladesh Sociological Association, opined on the inauguration of the South Asian Journal of Social Sciences (SAJSS). 

From Facebook Status of Monirul I. Khan

Today a new journal primarily focusing on South Asia has come intoCover Page of SAJSS existence. It is a very good effort, for various reasons, which I might try to explain very briefly. Of course it combines the toil of many energetic and enthusiastic people, still conveying my special thanks to Professor Habibul Haque Khondker and Juwel Rana. Professor Khondker is a prominent sociologist at the global level, his guidance and leadership will benefit the very process of knowledge production within the ambit of this journal. In South Asia, India carved a special place for her as some important sociological thinking got initiated there for the last many years. Colonial past of India and post colonial change has been examined, crisis of westernization vis a vis Sanskritization looked into, change in caste system or the development of capitalistic mode of production furnished the ground for important Marxist debate. Compared to this other South Asian countries could not generate much original thinking in the arena of sociological exegesis. This journal could trigger that hope, of course the main challenge will be perhaps sustaining effort to keep it going!

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